Friday, October 30, 2009

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Soooo, it's finally that time where I stop talking about this stuff and actually do this. I didn't want to start my blog by just putting up any old thing but I figure once I put one post up, many more will follow. I made this blog because i feel various other sites like Facebook and Twitter(GowMosby) and very confined and tend to constrict my thoughts to say, 140 words or so. Here, I feel like I can actually convey a message with the words that I want to use instead of my ideas, thoughts, and everyday occurrences being stifled and constrained by a maximum word allowance. Not saying that I still don't like Facebook or Twitter but it gets me frustrated when I type something and then have to shorten it. Its just that someone doesn't get that same message from 140 words that they would from the writer having total freedom. For example, imagine Langston Hughes was only able to write 14o words of "I'too" or 140 words of Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise". You don't get the same message from 140 words as you do from the entire poem. Well enough about my writers Claustrophobia and my problems with being held back by word maximums in the oh so confined world of Twitter and Facebook.
A little bit about me: I was born and still be raised(jk lol) in Bellport, N.Y. where they got places like a dollar store named "Holla Dolla", a place where they make the best breakfast sanwiches, and the notorious Nigga Deli lol. There's also Bellport Village where all the various muppets go after school ends and get wanton soup or whatever they eat nowadays from the Chinese place or pizza from Papa Nicks. And everyone knows where that bomb chicken is at; ahhh the smell when you pass by the place lol. Its also a town where there seems to be racial divides or at least economic divides that are so self-evident(Ill talk more about that in a later post). But back to me, I was just another regular kid. Went to private school up until 7th grade and then wanted to go to public school. I almost feel like public school didn't prepare me enough for life not saying that I regret it because I needed public school to be street smart and I wouldn't have been the same without it. I would probably be some hassididy black dude that listened to Green Day or something of that nature, Instead of being the average black man wit revolutionary thoughts that has a wide range of musical taste from the gangsta rap era of N.W.A down to the nerdiest and weirdest of alternative Hip-Hop. i do like other artists like say Santana, BB King, S.R.V., Jimi and the occasional rock song by Linkin Park or something. And with a growing iTunes library of more than 17,000 songs, I think you know how much I love music and music really has nothing in common with what I want to do in life which leads to my quest to get a piece of paper that tells people that I'm qualified for a job or how smart I am. I go to USC, the University of Suffolk County jk its Suffolk County Community College otherwise known as Scruffolk. I don't really like it there but I guess if its where I gotta start, that's where I gotta do it. Not saying that I couldn't have gone to other schools but I guess my bad SAT scores didn't match my good grades. So that pretty much sums it up sooo enjoy my blog :-).

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