Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tanya Morgan Mix #2

My other Tanya Mo mix was kinda thrown up in a hurry but I like this one better. And hopefully tomorrow I'll have a Curren$y mix to throw up. Download after the hop(Jump, same thing).

Monday, January 11, 2010

The 2nd Night

2nd Night
Found out about this show at about 5 am Sunday night and knew that when I got up, i was gonna campaign for someone to roll wit me but either way I was gonna go by myself if no one was gonna go. And I definitely knew I wasn't goin wit the dudes that I went with the night before. I decided that I would hit up someone that actually appreciates music for what it is and will enjoy the night. I hit up my boy Floyd who is an aspiring artist and figured after stalling his mixtapes for more than 4 months that this would push him to finish that shit.
The venue was mad secluded and was in the industrial district of Brooklyn. This place definitely had the best underground feel of any concert I've ever been to. It was in a room that probably barley fit 50-60 people.
This lineup was crazy and was way better than the other night minus DonWill. First of all, everyone fuckin killed that shit. Let me tell you: Prophit was fuckin crowd surfing. Yes, crowd surfing...he had that shit rockin. That had me like, I definitely fuck wit that shit right there. Emilio Rojas killed that shit too and I actually got to talk to him for a little bit since I had heard his fire mixtape The Natural. But the two main performances I was there for were Tiron & Ayomari and Children of the Night. Since Tiron is from Cali and doesn't have many performances out here, I HAD to see them both nights. I remember the day I stumbled upon one of the best mixtapes of '09 that I originally slept on for a couple weeks and then was like let me listen to this shit and it's been in HEAVY HEAVY rotation ever since. Big Ups to Tiron for spittin that real shit. My boy was talkin to me about Tiron's reference to buying size 6 shoes at payless so u don't have to go to men's sizes and pay more. That is some real shit. What about having to pay bills, but also wanting to look fresh as fuck. Then being like fuck it, Im gonna Throw this money. Children of the Night was fuckin crazy too. I also remember the day when I found their mixtape on 2dopeboyz and started listenin to it. It just happened to be the day before I was going into Queens for the weekend, so i managed to listen to the whole thing on the way and was just amazed lol. I was like this shit right here nigga... this shit right here! It just so happens that weird music related stuff happens to me like that like Ludacris's song "More, More, More"(His Birthday is 9/11 and in that song he spits about his birthday) playing on 9/11 and being the 11th song on random. But that night was one of the best concert nights ever and it will def be hard to top.

The 1st Night

This was honestly two of the best concerts Ive ever been to. I mean its hard to beat out concerts like Rock the Bells and J. Cole but I thinks it might have.

1st night: Santos Party House

Took an hour train ride into the city wit two of my boys and got lifted a little bit before the show. I honestly went there to see Donwill(Tanya Morgan) and Tiron but everyone killed it. Tell the truth, I was tight that Von Pea wasn't there but its all good. It seemed that most of the people there were there for Homeboy Sandman. Don't really care for him but I do have a new found respect for him and will def listen to some of his shit. Fuckin Spree Wilson was gettin down on his Fender like he was dusted or something but music has that type of power over people which is why I love it so much. Overall, You don't get much better than a underground Hip Hop show(literally). The hard part about the night is that the two dudes I went with don't have the same appreciation for music as I do and they went thinking that it was gonna be a party wit dancing and shit so after the show,we ended up posting up in McDonald's for an hour trying to find a club to go to. Me, I don't really do clubs. Especially not any club where its gonna have some fist pumpin shit. FUCK THAT!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

J. Cole - Playground

I dare anyone to name a new artist with as much consistency as J. Cole. Very few artists come in the game and come out with 2 fire mixtapes. Besides that, he got signed to RocNation. No one in this new class has matched his success yet and im waiting on a couple to do so. Now all we have to do is wait for his album which I'm sure will an instant success, at least in terms of the underground circuit. With this music economy now, who knows? You know its trouble when
a group like Clipse has a problem selling over 50,000 albums. But anyway enjoy this new track produced by Elite. and remember "Real Ninjas do Real Things"
Download after the jump .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Day: Yaowaaaaa!!!!!!!

Yesterday was election day and yes, I voted. Its funny because I actually take advantages of my involvement in democracy and most people my age don't vote or aren't even registered to vote. Even though I do agree with the Rational Abstention Effect, I really do think everyone should vote. People don't realize that this is an elite democracy system that doesn't want you to be involved in the system. Now just imagine if there were as many citizens involved now as there was during the civil rights movement or Vietnam. All I can say is don't complain about laws or things that go on in the government if you don't vote or do anything to change the government.

Anyway, as for every election I usually try and find an anthem such as last year during the presidential election and other small elections, mine was "Obama Is Here" by Ludacris. This year it just so happened that one of my favorite rappers mad an "Election Day" freestyle. One of the most underrated rappers in the game, Joell Ortiz 1/4 of Slaughterhouse. Love this track and since it can be generalized for many elections, I think its going to be my election day anthem for years to come. Yaowaaaaa!!!!!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pronouns- Dreams Are(Intro)

My dude Floyd from down the block!!!! New song from his upcoming mixtape "The Invincible Spit Kicker". More songs to come later.
Listen Here as well as his fire entry to Rymefests Contest. Give THIS dude a listen. Theres also a download link but you need the password to download it unless you know me.
Download here.
Another song is being released later today.

My Blog

Soooo, it's finally that time where I stop talking about this stuff and actually do this. I didn't want to start my blog by just putting up any old thing but I figure once I put one post up, many more will follow. I made this blog because i feel various other sites like Facebook and Twitter(GowMosby) and very confined and tend to constrict my thoughts to say, 140 words or so. Here, I feel like I can actually convey a message with the words that I want to use instead of my ideas, thoughts, and everyday occurrences being stifled and constrained by a maximum word allowance. Not saying that I still don't like Facebook or Twitter but it gets me frustrated when I type something and then have to shorten it. Its just that someone doesn't get that same message from 140 words that they would from the writer having total freedom. For example, imagine Langston Hughes was only able to write 14o words of "I'too" or 140 words of Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise". You don't get the same message from 140 words as you do from the entire poem. Well enough about my writers Claustrophobia and my problems with being held back by word maximums in the oh so confined world of Twitter and Facebook.
A little bit about me: I was born and still be raised(jk lol) in Bellport, N.Y. where they got places like a dollar store named "Holla Dolla", a place where they make the best breakfast sanwiches, and the notorious Nigga Deli lol. There's also Bellport Village where all the various muppets go after school ends and get wanton soup or whatever they eat nowadays from the Chinese place or pizza from Papa Nicks. And everyone knows where that bomb chicken is at; ahhh the smell when you pass by the place lol. Its also a town where there seems to be racial divides or at least economic divides that are so self-evident(Ill talk more about that in a later post). But back to me, I was just another regular kid. Went to private school up until 7th grade and then wanted to go to public school. I almost feel like public school didn't prepare me enough for life not saying that I regret it because I needed public school to be street smart and I wouldn't have been the same without it. I would probably be some hassididy black dude that listened to Green Day or something of that nature, Instead of being the average black man wit revolutionary thoughts that has a wide range of musical taste from the gangsta rap era of N.W.A down to the nerdiest and weirdest of alternative Hip-Hop. i do like other artists like say Santana, BB King, S.R.V., Jimi and the occasional rock song by Linkin Park or something. And with a growing iTunes library of more than 17,000 songs, I think you know how much I love music and music really has nothing in common with what I want to do in life which leads to my quest to get a piece of paper that tells people that I'm qualified for a job or how smart I am. I go to USC, the University of Suffolk County jk its Suffolk County Community College otherwise known as Scruffolk. I don't really like it there but I guess if its where I gotta start, that's where I gotta do it. Not saying that I couldn't have gone to other schools but I guess my bad SAT scores didn't match my good grades. So that pretty much sums it up sooo enjoy my blog :-).