Monday, January 11, 2010

The 1st Night

This was honestly two of the best concerts Ive ever been to. I mean its hard to beat out concerts like Rock the Bells and J. Cole but I thinks it might have.

1st night: Santos Party House

Took an hour train ride into the city wit two of my boys and got lifted a little bit before the show. I honestly went there to see Donwill(Tanya Morgan) and Tiron but everyone killed it. Tell the truth, I was tight that Von Pea wasn't there but its all good. It seemed that most of the people there were there for Homeboy Sandman. Don't really care for him but I do have a new found respect for him and will def listen to some of his shit. Fuckin Spree Wilson was gettin down on his Fender like he was dusted or something but music has that type of power over people which is why I love it so much. Overall, You don't get much better than a underground Hip Hop show(literally). The hard part about the night is that the two dudes I went with don't have the same appreciation for music as I do and they went thinking that it was gonna be a party wit dancing and shit so after the show,we ended up posting up in McDonald's for an hour trying to find a club to go to. Me, I don't really do clubs. Especially not any club where its gonna have some fist pumpin shit. FUCK THAT!!

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