Monday, January 11, 2010

The 2nd Night

2nd Night
Found out about this show at about 5 am Sunday night and knew that when I got up, i was gonna campaign for someone to roll wit me but either way I was gonna go by myself if no one was gonna go. And I definitely knew I wasn't goin wit the dudes that I went with the night before. I decided that I would hit up someone that actually appreciates music for what it is and will enjoy the night. I hit up my boy Floyd who is an aspiring artist and figured after stalling his mixtapes for more than 4 months that this would push him to finish that shit.
The venue was mad secluded and was in the industrial district of Brooklyn. This place definitely had the best underground feel of any concert I've ever been to. It was in a room that probably barley fit 50-60 people.
This lineup was crazy and was way better than the other night minus DonWill. First of all, everyone fuckin killed that shit. Let me tell you: Prophit was fuckin crowd surfing. Yes, crowd surfing...he had that shit rockin. That had me like, I definitely fuck wit that shit right there. Emilio Rojas killed that shit too and I actually got to talk to him for a little bit since I had heard his fire mixtape The Natural. But the two main performances I was there for were Tiron & Ayomari and Children of the Night. Since Tiron is from Cali and doesn't have many performances out here, I HAD to see them both nights. I remember the day I stumbled upon one of the best mixtapes of '09 that I originally slept on for a couple weeks and then was like let me listen to this shit and it's been in HEAVY HEAVY rotation ever since. Big Ups to Tiron for spittin that real shit. My boy was talkin to me about Tiron's reference to buying size 6 shoes at payless so u don't have to go to men's sizes and pay more. That is some real shit. What about having to pay bills, but also wanting to look fresh as fuck. Then being like fuck it, Im gonna Throw this money. Children of the Night was fuckin crazy too. I also remember the day when I found their mixtape on 2dopeboyz and started listenin to it. It just happened to be the day before I was going into Queens for the weekend, so i managed to listen to the whole thing on the way and was just amazed lol. I was like this shit right here nigga... this shit right here! It just so happens that weird music related stuff happens to me like that like Ludacris's song "More, More, More"(His Birthday is 9/11 and in that song he spits about his birthday) playing on 9/11 and being the 11th song on random. But that night was one of the best concert nights ever and it will def be hard to top.

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